Light Node Media

About Us

Light Node Media is a leading advisory, events, marketing and public relations firm in the Blockchain media space that launched in spring of 2018.

Our website aggregates the latest blockchain news, events and coin prices.

Whether its a launch party, tailored conference or hackathon, we pride ourselves in creatively producing custom events and webinars for the dynamic Blockchain community and individuals looking to learn more about this cutting edge sector.

Light Node Media’s active newsletter and numerous meet-up groups are just a few of the ways we keep our community up-to-date.

We received the award as the top five best new media at the World Blockchain Forum event in New York in November 2019.

Firm was founded by Johns Hopkins and NYU Stern alumni who entered the crypto space as avid investors and enthusiasts in early 2017.

Our Services

Business Development

Social Media Management

Public Relations

Growth Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Content Creation


Impact Marketing


Community Management