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10 Dec

Supercharge™ STO Speed Networking: Meet Your Investment Match

Is 2019 The Year of STOs?

Following the success of our previous speed networking eventsSupercharge™ would like to invite you to join our next speed networking event on December 18 in our headquarters in New York City. We will be examining the feasibility and process of raising money through Security Token Offerings (STOs) in 2019. Blockchain entrepreneurs will be paired individually with accredited investors and industry influencers in the format of speed networking.

Meet your future investors, business partners, advisors, talents, or employers, all while admiring our venue’s phenomenal waterfront view of the Hudson River. Forge lasting connections with 20+ accredited investors and dozens of Blockchain entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

The legitimacy of various utility coins has been called into question by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Many ICOs were subject to regulations for having the characteristics of securities. In order to continue driving the $5.6 billion explosion of startup financing, a new form of token sale emerged that united the advantages of ICOs and the sale of regulated financial securities in an initial offering. Security token holders are entitled to ownership rights, with the token itself deriving value from an external, tradable asset.

The main course of our event will feature a keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion that covers the latest in STO regulations and the process to launch an STO.

Accredited investors, family offices, and institutional investors:

If you are looking for credible and valuable investment opportunities in blockchain and cryptocurrency, we sincerely invite you to join us at the event. No more endless, time-consuming coffee meetings. Get to speak with dozens of blockchain founders and executives in just 2 hours.

Please select Investor Pass as your ticket type.

NOTE: You will need to fill out an Investor Questionnaire so we can assess your qualification as an accredited investor. We reserve the right to cancel your Investor Pass if we don’t think you are qualified as an accredited investor.

Blockchain/ICO/STO/Crypto entrepreneurs:

If you want to pitch your company to investors and influencers, please get the Entrepreneur Pass or Entrepreneur VIP Pass. You will get to speak with about 25 investors in just 2 hours.

NOTE: You will need to fill out a Pitch Summary before the event. We reserve the right to cancel your Pass if we don’t receive your Pitch Summary before the event.

Not looking to invest and not an entrepreneur?

No problem! You can get the Open Networking Pass or Open Networking VIP Pass and just network and mingle at the event. You won’t be able to join the Speed Networking session.


4:30 to 5:30: VIP Reception (Investor, VIP, Moderator, and Panelist Passes only)
5:30 to 6:00: Registration and Welcome Reception
6:00 to 6:25: Keynote Presentation
6:25 to 6:55: Panel Discussion: How to Launch an STO in 2019
6:55 to 7:30: Pitch Presentations
7:30 to 7:40: Break
7:40 to 10:00: Speed Networking and Open Networking

Speed Networking Format

Attendees will be divided into three groups:

Group 1:
Investors (with Investor Passes; 25 expected)

Group 2:
Blockchain/ICO/STO/Crypto entrepreneurs (with Entrepreneur Passes or Entrepreneur VIP Passes; 35 expected)

Group 3:
Open networking attendees

Everyone in Group 2 will get to speak with everyone in Group 1 through speed networking. Each pair will get up to 5 to 10 minutes. Group 3 will not participate in speed networking.

Date and Time
Thu, December 10, 2019 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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Supercharge Blockchain 398 West Thames Street, New York, NY 10280
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