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Image How NFTs became a $40bn market in 2021 Skynix Jan 1, 2022
Image Crypto, Creators And HBCUs Gained Black Culture Momentum In 2021

Forbes Jared Council, Raquel Dec 30, 2021
Image Adidas enters the Metaverse with NFT partnerships

cointelegraph ZHIYUAN SUN Dec 2, 2021
Image NFT Sales Top $1.2 Billion In July As Demand For Blockchain Games Soars

Trading volumes of top NFT collections such as Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks and ArtBlocks have increas...

Forbes Nina Bambysheva Aug 4, 2021
Image Crypto Exchange FTX Valued at $18 Billion in Funding Round

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has raised money at an $18 billion valuation, a deal that shows investor...

WSJ Alexander Osipovich Jul 20, 2021
Image Crypto businesses struggling to fill job openings amid industry expansion

The skills shortage among crypto’s specialized workforce is causing significant competition among ...

cointelegraph Oleksii Jun 25, 2021
Image Coinbase’s Public Listing Is a Cryptocurrency Coming-Out Party

SAN FRANCISCO — Digital currency, once mocked as a tool for criminals and reckless speculators, is...

The New York Times Erin Griffith Apr 14, 2021
Image People have spent more than $230 million buying and trading digital collectibles of NBA highlights

The NBA’s Top Shot product is a blockchain-based trading card system that has generated over $230 ...

CNBC Jabari Young Mar 2, 2021
Image Musician 3LAU sells the world's first-ever crypto-digital albums, making $11.6 million in under 24 hours

EDM producer 3LAU sold 33 digital albums for over $11.6 million. The artist is the first musician...

Business Insider Grace Kay Mar 2, 2021
Image Goldman Sachs Set to Jump Back Into Cryptocurrency Trading

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is restarting a trading desk for cryptocurrencies amid a surge in the value...

BLOOMBERG Matthew Leising Mar 1, 2021